Saturday, December 31, 2011

Scary Thoughts

     The St. Louis Cardinals will be better this year than last year. Crap. Granted, the Cardinals' run was truly magical, and I don't know of a single 'expert' who predicted them winning the World Series. However, Albert Pujols, a mainstay in Cards' lineup and future Hall of Famer, signed with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, which many believe to be a crippling blow to the franchise. However, I believe the opposite, and have concluded that they will be better. Adam Wainewright, arguably the Cardinals' best pitcher, is returning from Tommy John surgery this year, and will be throwing harder than usual because of the rehab exercises he performed. Wainwright has a WAR of about 6, meaning he adds 6 more wins to his team than an average, replacement level player would. Considering that he's coming back from serious surgery, we'll round that down to 4. Add in the recently signed Carlos Beltran, who adds about 4 wins as well, and the 5.6 wins added by Pujols this year is completely recovered, and even exceeded. While nobody expects the Cardinals to win the World Series again, they should improve their record by a few wins.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Sent Out to Pasture

     The Dallas Mavericks are the exact opposite of the Green Bay Packers. The Packers are young, talented, and have a bright future. The Mavs on the other hand, are old and their window of oppurtunity is all but slammed shut. The Pack, led by quarterback and likely NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers, started their campaign for another title with a 14 game winning streak, and are headed to the playoffs with a first round bye. The Mavericks, though they won an NBA Championship last year, are old and frail. To be honest, I predict they'll barely make the playoffs unless a miracle happens. Tyson Chandler was the reason they won it all, sure Dirk Nowitzki certainly helped, and so did J.J. Barea, but Chandler's defense and leadership put the Mavericks on a whole new level. Chandler and the aforementioned Barea haved departed in free agency, and Chandler's impact can already be seen in the New York Knick's great start, and in the 0-3 start Mavs have had without him. Mark Cuban has claimed that he hasn't given up on this season, pointing at the trade for Lamar Odom, but it takes more than one player to make a team, even Jordan had Scottie Pippen. Whether or not Odom will be Nowitzki's Pippen has yet to be seen, though his recent ejection isn't a good start. The league may be overreacting, the Mavericks came out of nowhere last year, and they may do it again, but an 0-3 start isn't a promising start on the road to back-to-back titles. Plus, last year's finals victory may have been a fluke .after the Miami Heat, their opponent in the finals, flat out destroyed them in their opening game.

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The Ensuing Madness

      NFL week 17 is finally here! By now, many an expert has been proved wrong, and many doubters of a certain quarterback, and I'll leave it up to you to figure out who it is, have been converted in to believers. Unlike years in the past, the AFC playoffs are all but set, as the second AFC Wild Card spot is still up for grabs, and the AFC North has yet to be won, though playoff mainstays like New England, Baltimore, and Pittsburgh are guarenteed spots. However, one name, Indianapolis, is not on that list, as they have become one of, if not the worst football team in the NFL. The Colts stumbled off to a 0-13 start, but recently have pulled themselves out of the ashes and put together a few wins to keep themselves on the roster. The incumbent quarterback, Dan Orlovsky, knows he's playing for his job, for if the Colts lose to the Jacksonville Jaguars, they will receive the first overall draft pick and use it on franchise quarterback Andrew Luck.   

  The Draft scenarios creates an interesting situation, because if the Colts win, then the pick could go to St. Louis, who picked a quarterback, Sam Bradford, last year with the first overall pick in the draft. The Rams could trade the pick to any number of teams, and would get a Herschel Walkeresque treasure trove of draft picks in return.
     Another interesting situation is with the large amount of coaches being fired or sitting on the hot seat. Miami and Kansas City have already fired their head coaches, St. Louis, Indianapolis, San Diego, and a few others should fire their coaches the day the season ends.
May the Madness Commence!

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Yu Won!!!

     Last night, the Nippon Ham Fighters accepted the highest bid for the right to negotiate with pitcher Yu Darvish. The winner is...the Texas Rangers!!! Nolan Ryan and the Rangers' front office would not be outbid, reportedly beating out the Washington Nationals, Toronto Blue Jays, traditional high rollers like Yankees and Red Sox, and also the Miami Marlins, who seem to be throwing money at any player with a modicum of talent. The winning bid was greater than or equal to the $51.7 million posting fee required to negotiate with Daisuke Matzusaka, which wa paid by the aformentioned Red Sox. The 6'5 Darvish is a 2-time MVP in his native Japanese League, and is projected to make an immediate impact and eventually become a top of the rotation starter in the near future.

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Monday, December 19, 2011

Wheelin' N' Dealin'

     Hi guys! You've probably have noticed that I haven't posted in a while, and that is because I have decided to wait out most of the MLB free agency before I posted...Well, all of the baseball world knows that future Hall of Famer Albert Pujols signed with the Angels, and apparently Pujol's wife was disappointed with the Cardinal's offer, which was believed to be only for 5 years. I haven't heard much about any riots or LeBron-esque jersey burning yet, so it seems St. Louis is handling it better than Cleveland handled its departing superstar.
     Another potential superstar is about to sign a deal as well. Yu Darvish, a half Japanese half Persian pitcher for the Nippon Ham Fighters in Japan. The 6'5 pitcher has dominated his oppenents, and posted a sub-2.00 earned run average this year. However, before a team can even negotiate with Darvish's agents, teams must bid on the right to talk to Darvish, and his team, the Ham Fighters, must accept. It is believed the winning bid will be over $51,000,000, with the potential to be much higher. With a large contract, the total price of importing a talent of this magnitude will be over $100,000,000. Some teams however, are wary of Asian professional players because they have a high rate of failure. Many players, mostly pitchers, have been 'imported' and the only superstar out of that group has been Ichiro Suzuki, a slick fielder and talented hitter. The most recent big-name player was Daisuke Matsuzaka of the Boston Red Sox, and after one season, albeit a brilliant one, he has sunken into mediocrity.
     The last move that could have far-reaching ramifications is the Reds' trade for right hander Mat Latos. Latos is 24 years old, throws a 97 MPH fastball and a few good breaking balls. However, critics have said that he was a creation of Petco Park, home of the San Diego Padres. These so called 'experts' are incorrect, for Latos' home ERA is 3.20 vs 2.96 at other parks. Cincinnati's GM Walt Jocketty bet the farm on this trade because he know that Latos has the potential to become a Cy Young winner, and thus he gave away two very valuable prospects. We'll find out soon enough if any of these deals pans out.

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Friday, November 25, 2011

About the Author

     Hi! As you have (correctly) noticed, I am posting less and less frequently. I feel that you and I do not get the chance to get to know each other. Because of this, I have decided to dedicate an entire post to myself. I'll try to do this in an interesting way-like a stats sheet or a scouting report-I am a sports blogger after all!

Name-William Dominic W.

School- St. Xavier High

Physical Attributes-5'3, 100 lbs.

Character- No major character flaws, entirely devoted to his interests.
Postition-Head Writer/Student
Pros-Plus sports smarts, Good overall awareness of his place on the field/ in the world, analytical.

Cons-Small, often too devoted/stubborn to recognize defeat.

Various-Loves sports, plays Baseball (Pitcher), Soccer (Winger), American Football (Quarterback/Running back). Open to growth, willing and able to sacrafice when necessary. Loves playing guitar, and overall a movie buff.

I hope this helps you get to know me!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Close Up Shop

     The sports world has been rocked with headlines in the past few weeks. From the atrocities at Penn St. to the NBAPA rejecting TWO offers that would give them a season, and even a Missouri coach being charged with DWI, we haven't been left hanging. However, this post is about the big question in MLB circles this offseason-"How much is too much?" The Philidelphia Phillies' signing of closer Jonathan Papelbon was without a doubt a good move, but why are they paying him $10,000,000? This is why baseball needs a hard salary cap!!! Honestly, if your going to pay that much for a closer, at least make sure he is moderately interesting, like the Giants' Brian Wilson (At Left). Wilson is a 24th round draft pick, and many of the league's big names were converted catchers or failed starters, proving you don't actually have to draft or trade for one because it will most likely fall right into your lap. In all honesty, it doesn't take much to pitch a single inning as many closers have admitted to only knowing a fastball, and a curveball, and occasionally a cutter. Because of this, closers should not be making the money that starters, who pitch SEVEN times more than closers, do. I like having security at the end of the game, and a top level talent provides that, and I also understand why some teams have gone to the extremes to get great closers. I really do. I do not understand why they pay so much for a single inning. What do you think?

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Trades I Think Should Go Through

     Hi everyone! After the St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series, I was angry, but at the same time, I honestly believed they deserved it. They came back with a single strike left in Game 6 to win that game and proceeded to win Game 7. Congratulations. Exactly 24 hours after that game, free agency began. Big names hit the market and CC Sabathia resigned for even more money. This time of year is also a great time for trades. Without further ado, here are some moves I think would benefit the Cincinnati Reds and, for trades, the other teams involved.

Reds Trade: Yasmani Grandal  (Catcher) or Yonder Alonso (1st/LF),  and Edison Volquez (Pitcher)

Reds Get: James Shields, Pitcher, Tampa Bay Rays.

     This is a good trade for both sides because the one thing that always plagues the Rays is the team's lack of runs. They already have one man to many in the starting rotation, and for the right price, the Reds could get Shields. The Rays need a catcher, Grandal, or a first baseman, Alonso, either one would work. Volquez is just a bullpen guy now and is in need of new scenery.

Reds Sign: Josh Willingham (OF) or Roy Oswalt (Pitcher).

     Willingham hit 29 homers last year while playing in a pitcher's park.  At Great American Ballpark, he could hit 40. Signing Willingham would also give Joey Votto some protection in the lineup. Signing Oswalt is definitely a long-shot, but the move would give the Reds a legitimate starter, and if they got James Shields, the rotation of 1. Shields, 2. Oswalt, 3. Cueto, 4. Arroyo, 5. Leake/Wood/Bailey, which would free up the team to deal one of the names listed in the 5 spot.

     These moves would definitely make the Reds legitimate contenders and possibly hand them the reigns to the NL Central. If everything goes right, and the Reds make one of the moves mentioned aboved, they will finish above .500. With the trades/signings they will finish 90-72, without, 84-78.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

True Beauty

     In the glove of America’s youth rests a beautiful thing. A baseball. It has captivated both children and grown men for ages, and its simple magnificence is unparalleled. When it is not chosen for use, it is all too often relegated to bearing the name of a man whose fame and glory have since passed, and to sit upon the owner’s cluttered mantle. This, is not a baseball, it is a travesty. A baseball’s true beauty is brought forth through use! A baseball is beautiful when it is aged, marred by dirt and covered in grass stains, scarred and faded, dirty and dusty. Its red seams are the lifeblood of its suitors, telling stories and recollections of better days, its scars a symbol of tougher times that have since passed. A baseball’s beauty lies not in its color or sheen, but in its resilience! It’s withered and tattered, possibly even, God forbid, ruined, for it has lived a long and prosperous life. Each scar has a story, a trial that one would rather forget. The one closest to the MLB logo is from a nasty ‘one-hopper,’ let through to the outfield, another from an error at first. Its spherical shape allows it to dart and dive, to challenge and even baffle hitters. It fits into a hand perfectly; proving that it should always be there, crying for attention. It has allowed itself to be hurled into the air and clubbed by bats at its own expense, and has been rewarded by fathers and sons with another chance to present itself to the world as it was intended to be. This baseball has been an important part of many lives, has been passed down from father to son, and has lived to tell the tale. A scar, a sorrow, a seam a story. This baseball has fulfilled its purpose; giving itself up for another person. It is tattered, dirty, stained brown, scarred, and torn and it has become truly a beautiful thing. That is why it rests in the mitts of America, and in the heart of the world.
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Winning the World Series on a Wednesday

     Today is the day!!! Today is the day that the Texas Rangers will battle the St. Louis Cardinals. I, personally, hate the Cardinals, and as a Reds fan, it is my duty to do so. I love the Rangers, because we traded Josh Hamilton to them for Edinson Volquez, which originally worked out for both sides. We love Hamilton in Cincinnati. I think the Rangers are going to win today simply because they are the better team. They have the aformentioned Hamiltion, the red-hot Mike Napoli and 3rd baseman Adrian Beltre, along with an excellent bullpen. The Cardinals are still trying to get over Tony LaRussa's supposed 'telephone issues,' and really shouldn't be in the postseason in the first place. Even the Rangers' name is better! Come on! Would you rather be a gun-totin' badass or a red bird???


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My List of Demands

     Hello! Thanks for reading this post!
     Baseball is awesome! I love it, you love it, America loves it! Now, I think baseball has to give back to us fans! There is a lot wrong with the the MLB, and I think that we, as fans, have the right to petition for change. Leave your demands for change in the MLB as a comment. I'll start. I want.....
  1. The DH to be universally instituted...(See my other post about it)
  2. For lift Pete Rose's ban from baseball. (How can you ban the epitome of what baseball is all about from baseball?)
  3. A hard salary cap!!!! The Yankees and other large market teams have dominated for too long! It is time for parity in Major League Baseball. Let small-market teams like Cincinnati have a chance.
  4. Instant Replay- Here's why
 Leave your demands in the comment box!!!!

Change for the Better

     Change, change, change. You've heard the word be worn out by millions of people. Whether it be politicians or a teacher, 'change' is used so often that its true meaning often falls on deaf ears. It is however, a phrase never uttered from the mouth of Bengals owner Mike Brown's mouth. He refused to trade disgruntled former All-Star quarterback Carson Palmer, because he decided that a trade would essentially be a reward for holding out. Yesterday, his stance changed. In a rare move the day of the perennially boring NFL trade deadline, Carson Palmer, former number 1 overall pick and franchise quarterback was traded to the Oakland Raiders after their starter went down for the year with a collarbone injury. All of this is in the wake of the legendary Al Davis' death. However, the Raiders have put themselves in a hole because this year, they only have two guaranteed draft picks, a sixth and seventh rounder, while the Bengals get a first rounder this year, and a first/second rounder depending on how the Raiders do. Palmer is a great quarterback and I supported his and the Brown family's decisions during his holdout. He was a great quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals, my hometown team, and the least the team could do was reward him for what he has done. Expect Palmer to have somewhat of a revival this year and next, (think Jim Plunkett).

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Monday, October 3, 2011

Suck for Luck

     Any NFL or college football fans know about Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck. Last year, he was touted as the 'slam dunk' No. 1 overal pick, and a guarenteed Hall of Famer. Luck however, did what he thought was the right thing....he went back to college. This year, Luck is even better, and almost all the teams in the NFL have agreed that he is the best prospect in a long time. However, don't be surprised if he goes back to Stanford...AGAIN. He has one year of eligibility left, so it is possible he'll stay a member of the Cardinal. Many teams are in the running to win the "Suck for Luck Sweepstakes," but not all of them need a quarterback. Then again, any team would benefit through having his services, (Think of the Patriots drafting Ryan Mallet.) His talent has caused a small stir among teams because some of the teams GMs and owners are worried that teams may forgoe the season to have a chance to draft him, which, in all honesty, sounds like a brilliant idea.
      I think that the Broncos, Dolphins, Chiefs, Seahawks, 49'ers and even the....Indianapolis Colts. I think the Broncos and Chiefs will jump at the chance to take Luck because, A. they are both terrible teams, and B. their quarterback position is unsettled, (Yes, I know the Chiefs have Matt Cassel, but he is never going to have a season like last year.)  The Dolphins, for lack of a better word, suck. Henne is finally putting together a somewhat respectable year, but Miami is in a division with some awesome QBs. Tarvaris Jackson is only a stopgap in Seattle, so don't be surprised if they "Suck for Luck." The 49'ers are in there just because John Harbaugh was Luck's coach at Stanford. Now for the Colts....Peyton Manning is old. That much is a guarentee, and now with his being out for the season, the Colts need to prepare for the worst. They really are not that good without Manning. If Manning manages to come back next season, and the Colts choose Luck, that is great for Luck and the organization as a whole, because Luck can learn from Peyton and this will make the transition seamless.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Team

     Hi guys..... now, you've occasionally heard my rants or raves about NFL players and where they stand in the world of fantasy football. You've heard me warn of collapses (Sidney Rice, Donovan McNabb) and of huge breakouts, (Dalton, Kevin Kolb, Larry Fitzgerald). So you've probably wondered what players are on my here is my team and my explanation for each.

QB: Matt Schaub, Texans: I chose him because he was sitting there in round 5, which I thought was great value for a player of his caliber. (My projections have him throwing for over 4,000 yards and 25 TDs.)

RB: Ray Rice, Ravens: I'm in a PPR league, so running backs who play a role in the passing game are always a critical piece of a team. I think he will have a season with over 1,500 yds rushing and 300 yds receiving.

Tim Hightower, Redskins:  I'm thinking he'll have a breakout year, though I am cautious to say he will always get the bulk of the carries with Roy Helu on the team.

Chris Wells, Cardinals: No competition, it's his last chance to live up to his draft spot and potential.

Also on roster: Darren Sproles, Ben Tate.

WR: Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals: Huge player, I think he has a chance to be the best at his position with Kolb at the helm.

Miles Austin, Cowboys: Consistent producer, on pace for an awesome season.

Also on roster: Chad Ochocinco, Anquan Boldin, Jerome Simpson

TE: Ron Gronkowski, Patriots: Brady's favorite redzone target, and he gets the catches and yards of a wide receiver.

I don't think it is necessary to list a reason why I picked my kickers and defense, because I think their potential depends on the team they are playing. My kicker is Neil Rackers, and I have the Redskins D.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Red Rifle

This was an essay I wrote for school earlier this year. Sorry about my absences and lack of posts, high school has brought new friends, but also tremendous amounts of  homework. Thanks for those who will actually read this post. Please post a comment if you agree or disagree with me. Thanks again!
Andy Dalton Sport     The NFL has become a passing league over the years, and as a result, the value a franchise quarterback has to a team has skyrocketed. Today, a quarterback must be durable, accurate, a powerful arm, an offense to fit his talents, and a good character and leadership skills. Andy Dalton, the Bengals’ second round pick in the 2011 NFL draft, has a chance to be that kind of quarterback.
       This year, Dalton has essentially found himself inside a ‘perfect storm.’ He has talented receivers to throw to, particularly first round pick A.J. Green, and three year veteran Jerome Simpson, along with tight end Jermaine Gresham, which will make his transition from a college phenom to an NFL rookie much easier than draft bust Jimmy Clausen’s was. He also has an offensive coordinator, Jim Gruden, who has designed an offense to fit his skill set. Gruden ran a West Coast offense in the United Football League, his systems stressing a versatile running back and a very accurate quarterback. Cedric Benson fits the mold in the backfield, and Dalton, whose career completion percentage at Texas Christian University was over 64%, can make all the throws necessary. As a result of his ability to make decisions in a pro-style offense and his aforementioned accuracy, some scouts labeled him the most developed quarterback in the draft. 
     He also has all the intangibles necessary to become a role model, something other quarterbacks like Peyton Manning or Drew Brees, both devout Christians, have become. Dalton started a prayer group in college, and his coaches have stated that he is a brilliant leader in the huddle. He was also a winner, something no coach can teach, for he ranks among the top three in total wins as a starter in NCAA history.  For these reasons, sports columnist Peter King called him “the Drew Brees of the 2011 NFL Draft.” If this statement is true, Dalton will be throwing for 4,000 yards annually. Dalton also gets to be the starting quarterback for a perennial loser, the Bengals, so there is not as much pressure as there was for Mark Sanchez of the New York Jets when he was drafted.
     Because of the traits he has, it is believed that Andy Dalton will be a successful NFL quarterback and eventually he and A.J Green will lead the Bengals to the playoffs once again.  

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

St. Xavier Bombers!!!!!

     Rest in peace. Last night, the twelve year undefeated home streak of the Colerain Cardinals was snapped by the St. Xavier Bombers. I had the privelege to attend the game with my fellow Class of 2015 friends, and watch a brilliant game. Coach Bolden of Colerain called it an 'absolute instant classic,' but St. Xavier simply called it a victory, making them 3-0 for the year.

     The Bombers took an early lead with a touchdown run by senior running back Conor Hundley, but Colerian retaliated with a TD themselves, making the score 7-7. After a string of interceptions by St.X, Colerain scored to make it 14-7. St. X proceded to make a long fieldgoal during the 3rd quarter, and then score again with a run by Conor Hundley, who proceded to bulldoze his way into the endzone even after his helmet came off, making the score 14-17 in favor of the St. Xavier Bombers.

     In the 4th quarter, Colerain missed a short fieldgoal with just seconds to go, and the streak was over. The Bombers went crazy, and when Colerain's crowd yelled gay slurs at the all male school and also chanted, "WE'VE GOT GIRLS," the St. X student section came back with, "WE'VE GOT JESUS!!!!!" Watch the video to hear how awesome it is to be in the St. X student section.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Small Feet, Bigger Feats

     He's 5'8, and weighs 165 pounds, and the only thing he cares more about than baseball is his own family. He's not your average ball player, and he never has been. He's had nicknames ranging from Lazer Show to Muddy Chicken. He's Boston Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia, who was first known to scouts as a small player with a big swing and an even bigger mouth, though they said, "It's unfortunate he doesn't have any tools." He was supposedly a sufferer of David Eckstein-itis, and was thought to be an overachiever thriving on lower expectations, but he has since shed that title in favor for another, Future Hall of Famer.

     When he was drafted, many of his teammates were not just surprised, they were nearly appalled by his both his lack of height and muscularity, and they thought he was somewhat of a wasted pick. Now, years later, he is an All-Star, and he won Rookie of the Year and later the MVP in his first two seasons.

     There haven't been many people of his size and stature playing professional baseball over the years, but when they have, they have definitely made their mark. To name a couple: legendary catcher Yogi Berra, the Reds' Joe Morgan, and annual Cy Young Candidate Tim Lincecum. Coming from a blogger who he himself stands a diminuitive 5'1.5 and projects to be 5'8, he is truly an awesome player, his leadership in the lockerroom and talent on the field is unmatched.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tim Tebow's Terrible Trial

     Anyone in the world with an interest in sports and an internet connection has heard of Tim Tebow. Though he came out of Florida as one of the most popular college football players ever, a national champion, and even a Heisman Trophy winner, Tebow was expected to fall past the first round and possibly be coverted to play tight end. However, Tebow was picked by the Denver Broncos late in the first round by a regime that has since been eliminated. His number fifteen jersey flew of the shelves, soaring to the top to become the most popular in the league. All of this happened before he played a down of professional football.

     He rode the bench over half the season, watching incumbent quarterback Kyle Orton light up opposing defenses, until Orton was hurt. Tebow started the last three games of the season, and his amazing athleticism was shown when he misinterpreted an audible and ran a QB sneak for a monster gain and a touchdown, but the play was designed as a simple handoff. This year however, he might not get the chance. Tebow has not looked good during training camp, though he is still wildly popular with the fans, and the controversy regariding the aforementioned Orton being traded to Miami has made this an interesting situation.

     Tebow is a great player and an even greater person, and I wish him the best in the future, but in all honesty, if I were in the Bronco's front office, I would not hesitate to bench him. Orton is too good a player to not play, and his play made a star out of receiver Brandon Lloyd, who has already said he would be "pissed" if Orton was removed from the lineup in any way. However, a player like Tim Tebow brings fans to the stands, something Orton has already said he doesn't care for very much.

     I think the Broncos should wait until Orton's contract expires then start Tebow, who, by then, will have had plenty of time to know the offense and develop as a pro quarterback, or they could deal Tebow right now instead of Orton to Miami and end the fan uprisings in both cities.

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Friday, August 5, 2011

Fear the Deer

     Major League Baseball fears the deer. Yes, the largest professional league baseball league in the world is afraid of a deer. What a sissy of a league! Isn't this a sorry excuse of an American baseball league? No! MLB has reason to be afraid of the deer, because if their antlers are harvested at the right age, they can be turned into a product called deer spray. This product does not show up in the steroid or anti-doping tests employed by the MLB, which happen to be urine tests, because it is a natural supplement, but the spray shows up only in blood tests, which are not allowed.
      This spray supposedly has qualities similar to anabolic steroids and,       because it contains a chemical called IGF-1, it mediates the level of human growth hormone (HGH). This supplement has been on the World Anti-Doping Agency's banned list for international competition for a while now for its muscle building effects, and was supposedly used by Baltimore Ravens linebacker and future NFL Hall of Famer Ray Lewis.

     I know the league has good intentions at heart, but Major League Baseball may have just created its own pseudo-steroids problem, because they just went out and blatantly said that there is a highly effective performance enhancer out there, and unless it is contaminated, there is no proof any players have ever used it. Wow! I think that's no better than telling a thief that a bank is closed, but the door to the vault is unlocked and the security system is no longer working! What idiocy! Then it gets worse.....the reason they banned the spray is not because of its performance enhancing abilities, but because it could be show an actually banned substance. I wouldn't be surprised if I see  homerun totals and power statistic in general go up. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What I Hate About the MLB Trade Deadline

     I do not like the MLB trade deadline. No, I hate the MLB trade deadline. I love the fact that it is a brief period of rapid fire transactions around the league, but all too often it is the time of the year where the rich get even richer and the small market teams are beaten to the punch. Take the New York Yankees for example. More often then not, in both free agency and around the trade deadline, they use their immense resources and prestigious brand to draw players to them, and they are almost always successful. The Yankees' resources have practically  bought themselves championships, like when they offered Alex Rodriguez a contract that only the late George Steinbrenner would allow his team to write. Later on in his career, Rodriguez was given a contract larger than THE ENTIRE FLORIDA MARLINS' SALARY AS A TEAM! That is why the MLB needs a salary cap  like the NFL's my friends.
     The Yankees are not the only teams like this, however. The Boston Red Sox are nearly the same, as they have won many a star player sweepstakes, i.e. when they offered outfielder Carl Crawford a contract valued at $160,000,000, outbidding any other team by a huge margin. Over the course of his eight year, deal he will make wha would take the average American with a salary around the national average 3,200 years.  The raw capital they, along with the Yankees and even the Phillies, have has also allowed them to hire a higher number of high-quality scouts, which allowed them to develop consistent farm system that they ravage to trade for even more talented players. They cycle continues.

     However, the Yankees and their fans are like spoiled children, and when they don't get what they want, they whine, and whine, and whine. For example, when pitcher Cliff Lee signed with the Phillies for less money, the whole legion of fans attacked Lee, and one radio host claimed he could have donated some of his money if he had a higher contract, and therefore was killing children in Africa. See what I mean?

     The Phillies themselves however, are no better. They made headlines this year by signing the aformentioned Lee, and from it creating one of, if not the best, starting rotation of all time. They used their own bountiful resources to outbid and beat any small market team to the punch. Not only did they do that with Lee, they did it with Roy Halladay and Roy Oswalt. This trade deadline was not different, and they dealt for left fielder Hunter Pence. The rich get richer.

     Dusty Baker, the manager for the Reds was quoted that he himself disliked the trade deadline because, "Around this time of year, the rich can only get richer." The MLB needs a hard salary cap....bad. I would love the trade deadline if the small market teams actually had a chance.

Monday, August 1, 2011

End of An Era

     After over a decade of playing in the National Football League, legendary wideout Randy Moss has retired. The thirty four year old wideout has retired after thirteen seasons in the league, for the options he was given were not necessarily, he believed, in his best interest as a player. After being drafted by the Minnesota Vikings in 1998, he began a prolific career that ranks only behind Jerry Rice in touchdowns, yards, and 100 yard games. However after playing with the Oakland Raiders for two seasons, Moss joined the New England Patriots and his record setting 23 touchdowns were instrumental to the Pats huge success in 2007. His productivity stayed constant, but this season was a catastrophe, for he was traded from the Patriots to the Vikings for a pick, he was then cut and signed with the Tennesse Titans. He finished with under 40 catches and less than 500 receiving yards. After supposedly vigorous workouts and two-a-days during the lockout, Moss decided to retire, though it is believed he will not stay that way for very long. If he does return, expect the high bidders to be teams in dire need of receiving help, like the Bengals, or Bears. Moss was truly a brilliant player, and it is only a matter of time before he has his place in Canton.

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Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Tribe Grows Stronger

     The Ubaldo Jimenez sweepstakes has drawn to a close, however the winner wasn't the New York Yankees (Thank God!), the Boston Red Sox, or even the Cincinnati Reds, it was the dark horse candidate, the Cleveland Indians. After being the National League's starter for the annual All-Star Game last year, Jimenez struggled early on, making many a team wonder why the Colorado Rockies would  be willing to deal who they thought was a top of the rotation starter. His loss of velocity prompted the Yankees to ask for him to complete a physical, a request the Rockies denied, and as a result the Yankees bowed out. The asking price for Jimenez was supposedly the baseball equivalent of the moon, which in the case of the Cincinnati Reds, was Devin Mesoraco, who is one of the best, if not the best, catching prospect in the majors, flame thrower Aroldis Chapman or slugger Yonder Alonso, and Homer Bailey and Travis Wood. These players all have the potential to be the best at their positions, and Reds GM Walt Jocketty knew better than to sell the farm, literally. The Red Sox just didn't have the prospects, and later ended up getting Rich Harden as a consolation prize.

     Coming from a Cincinnati native, it's hard for me to say this, but I wish the Indians organization well. I hope this deal works out for both sides and the prospects traded reach their potential. I know must be hard for Jimenez to leave the organization he has developed in for the last ELEVEN years, and his last action in a Rockies uniform was embracing his teammates.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


There's going to be a football seaon everybody! With the new collective bargaining agreement, or CBA, in place, teams are scrambling to make critical additions to their roster before training camp starts. As expected, many big names were shuffled around the NFL, either through trading, like the Saints' trading of talented but injury prone running back Reggie Bush to the Miami Dolphins, or through free agency, where players can pick which team they sign a contract with any of the teams who offered him one. This frenzy has millions of Americans throwing their fantasy football guides out the window because players have switched teams and that almost always means a change in production. Here are some of the most important signings/trades/rumors circling around the league....

The Washington Redsins have traded former Pro Bowl quaterback Donovan McNabb to the Minnestoa Vikings for a fifth round pick and an undisclosed pick contingent in his performance. This is definitely an upgrade from Joe Webb, and wideout Percy Harvin should see a jump in stats, as should Adrian Peterson.

Former Vikings Sidney Rice and Tavaris Jackson have signed with the Seattle Seahawks. The former 2009 Pro Bowler rice averaged less than 600 yards a seaon when Jackson was the starting quaterback. Knock him down some spots on your draft board.

Kevin Kolb, once the heir apparent to McNabb, will be traded to the Arizona Cardinals by Friday in exchanged for big play corner Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. This is a huge boost for Larry Fitzgerald and the talented Kolb, as well as the Eagles' defense.

However, if rumors are true the New York Jets'defense will be even stronger. Rumor has it that shut down corner Nmamdi Asomugha could sign with the Jets and create the best corner duo of all time with Darelle Revis.

Don't count out the Dolphins and Titans though. Miami already has the makings of a good offense with Brandon Marshall and now Reggie Bush, but with quarterback Kyle Orton joining the team, there could be some fireworks! The Titans are also playing their hand well. They signed former All Pro quarterback Matt Hasselbeck to be their starter, and to mentor first round pick Jake Locker. This worked for Carson Palmer in his heyday,and this greatly increases the potential of every player in the Titans' offense, as well as next year when Locker could be handed the reigns.

This truly has been a wild few days.

Friday, July 1, 2011

America's REAL Team

      When you think of America's team, you most likely think of the Dallas Cowboys. However, I recently found out about the Wounded Warriors Amputee Softball Team, whose ranks consist of veterans who sacraficed a limb for his country in Iraq or Afghanistan ater playing either highschool or college baseball. I cannot express the immeasurable gratitude that I and   all of our country have for those who fight for our freedom, and these men are the epitome of resilience and strength. They also insist they play only able bodied teams, such as local fire departments and recently the FBI, who they beat 35-10. You may not fully understand the fight and sheer athleticism these young men possess until a baserunner with a prosthetic leg dives headfirst to avoid a tag or a one armed fielder drops his glove and hurls the ball to his cutoff man. Their service has not gone without notice, as Louisville Slugger has donated over $20,000 in equipment, and they have been invited to play at Nationals Stadium later this year. These men are true heroes. The Wounded Warriors Amputee Softball Team is truly America's real team.

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Thursday, June 30, 2011

NFL News

     Because of the (hopefully) soon ending NFL lockout, I have decided to lump all of the news from the league I found worth mentioning in individual paragraphs inside of a post.

      First, let me mention the aging entertainer we call Chad Ochocinco. His last name, which was supposed to reference his uniform number eighty-five,  is literally translated as eight-five, for if he were to use actual Spanish, his name would be Chad Ochenta y Cinco. The six time Pro Bowl selection's headline-grabbing stunts range from growing a gold mohawk to trying his hand with professional soccer and bull riding.  Being from Cincinnati, I have experienced all of this first hand, and most of the country either knows about his app or his prolific tweeting, for which he was voted number one on the "Most Influential Athlete In Social Media" list. Bengals owner Paul Brown recently suggested he try snake wrangling, though Chad decided he wants to wrestle an alligator. His stunts rarely impact his performance on the field as he has led the AFC in receiving yards four times.

     Now for a few sentences on another boisterous receiver who can back up his trash talk and "Popcorning" (shown at left) on the field. Terrell Owens, or T.O., is one of the best  receivers in the history of the NFL, but his illustrious career could very well be over after he recently underwent ACL surgery. He shot down rumors of retirement, but after this kind of procedure he might have lost another step. He is thirty-seven years old so he has to be retiring soon, but don't count him out his year.

    I hope this lockout ends soon, not just for the millions of men and women who participate the highly addicting pastime of fantasy football, but for the NFL players themselves. Two players have dominated headlines recently for the crimes they have committed, and they are the talented but troubled receiver Kenny Britt, who surrendered to police on two warrants, and Perrish Cox of the Denver Broncos. Cox is currently on trial for  sexual assault.

      Lets hope this lockout ends soon.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Minnesota Timberwolves' Power to Destroy the Draft Boards.

   The Minnesota Timberwolves have the potential to change the entire NBA draft. Recently, they have talked to both the Los Angeles Lakers and the Phoenix Suns about the injury prone Andrew Bynum and future Hall of Famer point guard Steve Nash respectively. The previously untouchable stars are both being dangled in an effort to receive Minnesota's number two pick in the draft, who is most likely to be Arizona's Derrick Williams for any team selecting at the spot. Minnesota is able to deal this pick because they already have former number two pick and forward Michael Beasly on their roster.
     However, there are  obvious flaws for both trades. If the Suns trade Nash and pick Williams, who has the range and skills of a small forward but the size and power of a power forward, the Timberwolves have an interesting problem. That particular problem happens to be...if they do get Nash in the deal, what happens to the newly signed Ricky Rubio, who is also a point guard? And then  Jon Flynn?

     For the Lakers, who were mentioned in my previous post, if they trade Bynum and get the pick, who would they choose? It seems strange to me that they would pick Williams because they already have Ron Artest and Pau Gasol as their starting forwards. So I think they could choose center Enes Kanter, who could have been the top pick in the draft if he was not ruled ineligible by the NCAA for playing professionaly in his native Turkey. That also means that the Lakers might not be able to trade for Dwight Howard if they deal Bynum and pick Kanter, unless they trade his draft rights to the Magic.

     That leaves Williams falling to to the Utah Jazz, who could select Kentucky point guard Brandon Knight. That leaves the Jazz with a problem as well, because they need a point guard after trading Deron Williams to the Nets, but they also need a playmaker like Williams. If they do go with Knight, that leaves the Cleveland Cavaliers to pick their man. They wanted both the first and second pick of the draft to pair Kyrie Irving with Williams, which may still happen. But if Williams falls to them, the Cavs have found their star pair for the next six years.

     The Timberwolves have a lot of power in this year's draft. But the question is, how will they use it?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's Time

It's time for a change in Los Angeles. While traveling in Italy, Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard once again told reporters that hw would not seek or sign a contract extension with the Magic. That's the Lakers' cue to make a trade offer, or risk the increasingly likely reversion to mediocrity. Yes, I understand that they won two championships in the last three years, but this year, especially in the playoffs, Kobe Bryant finally looked his age. He's played over 48,000 minutes in his NBA career, not including all the international games he's played. He had his lowest scoring average since he had to share the ball with the recently retired Shaq, Karl Malone, and Gary Payton, and this year he didn't have to share with superstars like them. It's time for the Lakers to make a move and bring an heir to the throne, and by trading for Dwight Howard, they can have the superstar center they desperately need, because, honestly, Andrew Bynum is too fragile to be relied on when much better players are available. LA is also believed to be the ideal landing place for Howard, so it is a deal that works out for him and the team.

     On Orlando's side, they pretty much have no choice, for because he will not resign, he will become a free agent and they won't get anything in return. Because of this, they will trade him, and will receive some pretty good players in return, possibly Andrew Bynum, for if the Lakers get Howard, why would they need Bynum?

      It's time for a change in LA, and Howard is the best option for all sides. The Lakers get their new Superman, Howard gets his big market, and the Magic can at least get something in return, which could be the aforementioned Bynum.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bryce Harper

     Some of you may have seen the Washington Nationals phenom, Bryce Harper on ESPN yesterday, and were either amused or angered by the prospect's blowing a kiss to the pitcher after hitting a homerun. It's great to hit homerun, let alone watch one be hit, but if he plans to be a power hitter the rest of his career, and he definitely has the potential to be one, I think he should really tone down the celebration and treat it like any other homerun he's hit in the past. It's also in the minor leagues, so it's not like he was originally planning for this to be a stunt in front of 30,000 people.  I honestly believe that this was a classless move by Harper, and if he's surprised about hitting one at Low Class A, the lowest minor league team possible, I want to see him and his record setting $9,900,000 contract try to hit one against major league pitching, and then watch his reaction. I wonder how his older teammates later on will react if this behavior continues.

     The opposite of Harper, is Freddie Freeman, who plays for the Atlanta Braves. When he hit his first
Major League homerun, which was against the best pitcher in the league, Roy Halladay, he just ran around the bases as if he had done it before.

     I am interested to see how his career turnsout and if this childish behavior continues.

Why the Designated Hitter should be Universally Instituted in the MLB

America is often defined as baseball and apple pie, for their contributions to society have ingrained the two into our nation’s culture.  The former however, is quickly falling from favor.  Baseball, throughout the years has been losing popularity, and many cite the fact that though the American and National Leagues claim to be equally talented, they are obviously separate and unequal, as the American League has won twenty one of the last twenty seven World Series.  Often at National League games, the pitcher is sent to the plate only to bunt at the first pitch seen, and is almost always is retired, making the game itself much more predictable and far less exciting to watch.  It is the opposite in the AL, where fans watch eagerly as the slugging designated hitter, or DH, approaches the batter’s box, wondering if the next pitch could be crushed into the seats.  To mandate of the use of the designated hitter in both the AL and the NL would be the spark the MLB needs by bringing parity into the World Series, more fans to the stands, and therefore bringing both more interest and money back into the great sport of baseball.
     Fans want to see runs scored, pitchers want only to pitch, and managers want to win.  These simple facts are why the DH should be instituted.  However, arguably the most important is the fact that fans would rather see a slugfest than two pitchers dueling in a shutout.  During the Steroid Era (2001), this being the landmark because at this time both leagues had prolific offenses, the top attendance was rewarded to San Francisco, not because of their performance as a team, as they did not win the World Series, but because of the infamous slugger Barry Bonds’ record setting homerun hitting (MLB Attendance Report – 2001, 5/15/2011, 1).  Also, during the 2001 season in which both Sammy Sosa of the Chicago Cubs and the aforementioned Bonds of San Francisco each hit over sixty homeruns, their teams finished one-two in overall attendance percentage, while the eventual World Series champion Arizona Diamondbacks finished twelfth (MLB Attendance Report – 2001, 5/15/2011, 1-2) (MLB Player Batting Stats – 2001, 5/16/2011,1).   The attendance chart also shows that although the Diamondbacks had future Hall of Famers Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling, who would combine to have forty-three wins and an average ERA of 2.73, on their roster, fans would rather see an offensive bonanza than an excellent pitching performance.    
     Managers want to win games.  They also want to avoid injuries to their star players, particularly their well-paid starting pitchers.  In this case, the DH, if universally instituted, could have saved Chien-Ming Wang’s career.  Once regarded as the ace of the Yankees’ starting rotation, he was the fastest to fifty wins since Dwight Gooden in 1986 (Rushdi, Chien-Ming Wang Now Healthy, Able to Join Washington Nationals Rotation in 2011, 5/15/2011, 2).  However, in 2008 Wang was injured running the bases in an interleague game in Houston, where, because the Astros were a National League team, he was forced to bat (Rushdi, Chien-Ming Wang Now Healthy, Able to Join Washington Nationals Rotation in 2011, 5/15/2011,  2).  That day he partially tore a tendon and sprained his right foot, and was never the same afterward (Rushdi, Chien-Ming Wang Now Healthy, Able to Join Washington Nationals Rotation in 2011, 5/15/2011, 2).  After having back-to-back nineteen win seasons, his mechanics were altered and his release point was found to be five inches higher as a result of the injury (Rushdi, Chien-Ming Wang Now Healthy, Able to Join Washington Nationals Rotation in 2011, 5/15/2011, 2).  After his ERA soared to 34.50 the next season, he was an unaffordable luxury and was cut from the Yankees in 2009 (Rushdi, Chien-Ming Wang Now Healthy, Able to Join Washington Nationals Rotation in 2011, 5/15/2011, 2).
      Managers also want to optimize their overall run production, for if an average DH was inserted into any NL team’s lineup in place of a pitcher, they could add at least fifty-eight runs to their final RBI total*.  This could also force managers to create better pitching staffs and pit general managers against one another to get the best available players, even if they are not especially gifted in the field, because they could make an impact in the batter’s box.  This would make the league in general more competitive because ever since the DH was first used in 1973, the American League has won the World Series 77.77% of the time (List of World Series Champions, 5/15/2011, 5-7).  For this reason, and the fact that last year’s three teams in runs scored are members of the American League, the AL is widely considered the better league in the MLB, though it has a higher ERA, which could be inflated through the runs added by a DH (MLB Team Stats (1), 5/15/2011, 1) (MLB Team Stats (2), 5/9/2011, 2).  However, if the DH was universal in the MLB, the NL would be considered the AL’s equal, for both leagues would have teams with powerful offenses and formidable pitching staffs who are accustomed to the rigors of facing talented lineups, bringing parity back to baseball, which in turn would draw interest into the sport and therefore more revenue to make even better lineups. 
     People claim the DH is detrimental to the history to the game, because it goes against the tradition of the game itself.  However, wasn’t this the case with the three point line in basketball, the addition of the forward pass in football, or icing in hockey?  Though controversial at the time they were instituted, they have become a key part of their respective sports.  In all sports there will be ‘specialists,’ like Ray Allen and his three point shooting, Drew Brees and his pass-only quarterbacking, and Mike Cook and his checking, so why can’t there be more people like them in baseball?  It gives both players and fans a chance to do what they actually want to do, giving hitters a chance to hit, pitchers a chance to focus solely on pitching, older players who have lost a step in the field a chance to extend their careers,  and fans could enjoy the result.  There comes a time when tradition must give way to progress, and for baseball the time is now.  The NL has been lagging behind for years and it’s about time that Commissioner Bud Selig gives the fans of Major League Baseball what they want- a high scoring, exciting baseball game.
     Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that the MLB universally institute’s the usage of the designated hitter, and bring back the golden age of hitting.  Nobody wants to see a sacrifice bunt, but everyone wants to see a towering homerun, because of this, the DH would bring both fans and profits back to baseball.  DHs save careers, for too many pitchers have had their livelihoods ruined in the batter’s box or on the base paths, and by letting pitchers do their jobs, they will excel and make the game even more competitive.  In short the DH would make baseball great again.  Now, my fellow Americans, let us go back and get what we deserve- a national pastime as great as our nation itself.       

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pippen says LeBron might be better than Michael Jordan

     Scottie Pippen recently said in an interview that LeBron James could be, "The greatest player to ever play the game." He might be on to something. MJ may be a great scorer, but he never fully trusted his teammates as LeBron has ever since he joined the league. LeBron may have a career scoring average of 27.7 ppg, but he has done his time on the boards, and dishes the ball with point guard like efficiency, something Jordan could never do, highlighted by James' averaging more assists per game in his second season than Jordan ever did. LeBron is also a force on the defensive end, but so was Jordan, who averaged two steals per game over his fifteen year career. When computing the two players' total  contribution, a sum of a player's career averages of assists (worth two points, because they too are baskets, but by another player) and points, LeBron is the better and more complete offensive player. Jordan is without a doubt the best raw scorer in NBA, but LeBron James is the more complete player. However, LeBron will never be universally considered as the greatest player ever until he wins at least four championships.  However, Pippen is onto something and I agree that in time, championships pending, LeBron James will recognized as the greatest player in NBA history.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mr. Goedde, the Best Teacher I'll Ever Have

     Mr. Goedde is my eighth grade english, reading, and religion teacher at St. Andrew School.  He is the greatest teacher I will ever meet, and today he received an award for being the top eighth grade teacher in southwest Ohio, his impromptu speech afterwards brought many to tears.  I know I speak for all of my grade when we thank him for all he has done for us this year.
      One of Mr. Goedde's best traits is his personality, he captivates all of his students, and earns their respect, for when he speaks the room goes silent.  He takes learning beyond the classroom, talking about politics, music, and our Catholic faith.  Another is that he doesn't care about grades, he cares more about the individual than the test score that too many teachers use to define a student.  He is like a second father, and the golf outing my friends and I went on with him is my favorite memory in the eighth grade.  However, he does have a flaw, and that is that he sets his own standards very high and always expects more from himself, and never giving himself credit when he clearly deserves it.  I can only hope that he has enjoyed teaching me as much as I have enjoyed being in his class.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Camping Once Again Wrong

     Once again Harold Camping, a California preacher radio host of Family Radio International, was wrong in predicting the date of the Apocalypse. He was wrong the first time in 1994,  but after his followers were let down, he was forced to give a reasonable explanation, and he chalked it up to a mathematical error. Now realistically do you expect Camping, who was once a civil engineer, to make the same mistake twice? He cost FRI and more importantly his followers millions of dollars, one man spending his life savings of $140,000 to plaster New York subways with Camping's apocalyptic message.

What was also astounding was that Camping doubted his own prediction, for when an atheist offerred to buy all of Camping's possessions, claiming that if he truly believed that he was to be raptured, he would sell everything he owned for $1 because he wouldn't need it in the afterlife. He refused Now that he has changed his Doomsday prediction to October 21, 2011, he still will not sell any of his possessions. I assume he knows he is wrong.

I would at least this 'man of God' to have the decency to admit he was wrong and even apologize as expected, but he obviously did not have courage to do so.

One of his followers, Jeff Hopkins said it best when he stated, "I thought he would show some more human decency in admitting he made a mistake, and we didn't really see that."

Regardless of popular opinion, Family Radio certainly is making money, and in 2009 filed in the IRS that it had received $18.3 million in donations, and $104 million in assests.

This makes me wonder if he is simply using his platform to trick devoted Christians into wasting their hard-earned money to profit himself.

That's why on October 21, 2011, I'll  be spending it like any other Friday, gettin' ready for the weekend. 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Stephen Hawking Claims Heaven Doesn't Exist

First off, I am not attacking any atheists here, I am just stating my opinion as a Catholic.

Stephen Hawking once again claimed today that Heaven does not exist, saying it is a "fairy story for people afraid of the dark," while likening our brains to computers when they crash, he says his beliefs are partly based on the fact that he has had motor neurone disease for many years. Now, I can only imagine that he has somehow assumed that because he has suffered for most of his life, there cannot be a God because he doesn't deserve to suffer. On the contrary, I believe the reason God has kept him alive and gifted him with such a great mind is to give him both a chance to repent and to serve him with his whole existence. However, if he believes that death is the end, then why does he strive to do things for science and do good for others when it essentially has no signifcance in the end? And if there just happenned to be our universe, which, at its creation was the size of this period .  and it just decided to explode? How does this happen?  God decided to do this.

The following is Pascal's wager: If you die not believing in God and there is no God, you lose nothing.
                                                 If you die believing in God and there is no God, you lose nothing.
                                                If you die believing in God and there is a God, you gain everything.
                                                 If you die not believing in God and there is a God, you lose everything.

Pretty harsh consequences, no?
That right there along with Jesus' life, death, and resurrection, the Bible, and all the unexplained miracles in life, are all the reasons we believe in God.

Remember, Faith is believing even when you do not see

Link to article on Professor proving God's existence and watch the video

God Bless,
Billy W.

Trump Will Not Run In 2012

Donald Trump won't run in 2012. Did you hear that ? That was America taking a sigh of relief ! Though I am a Republican, I do not want this man to run our country  for many reasons, particularly because he 1. is a loud mouth and uses bankruptcy as a financial ploy 2. he has no prior political experience (gov. sen. etc) 3. he just wouldn't be a good president. Though he claims he can win the Republican nomination and eventually the general election, he "isn't ready to leave the private sector yet." That's all well and good, but the fact he stirs up all this propaganda only to not run makes me feel like it was more of a publicity stunt than a serious bid to lead our country, though NBC's threatening to replace him and then eventually offering him $60,000,000  to return to the Celebrity Apprentice could have played a major role. Though many do not see him as a serious candidate he is leaving the race when he was, according to an ABC News-Washington Post poll from last month , behind only Mitt Romney. And later in a different poll, he was tied with Mike Huckabee at 16% support, though he was disliked 44%. Trump's and particularly Huckabee's not running further muddies the field for the Republican nomination, especially that the party's votes may be divided after Ron Paul declared his bid.

Read Trump's quotes at

Draft Hypocrisy

So, I know some of you watched the NFL draft not too long ago, and watched as the Cincinnati Bengals selected the talented  A.J Green, the best WR in the draft with the 4th pick , and immediately afterwards, Sports Illustrated criticized the pick, claiming that wide receivers had a high rate of failure. But, (here's the kicker) in the April 25th edition of SI, they said the Bengals themselves should select a wide receiver, Julio Jones. Now, I understand that they are different players, but two picks later they applauded the Falcons for selecting a lesser wideout. I am not trying to call foul on SI as I am a subscriber to their magazine, but this kind of hypocrisy is what makes me mad. Yes, I understand that the Bengals are not a good organization, but insulting them for choosing a premeir talent and filling a major offensive need, and then praising the Falcons for choosing a less talented player when they already had WR filled with Roddy White is not right. It's about time we start respecting teams whether we like them or not.