Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's Time

It's time for a change in Los Angeles. While traveling in Italy, Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard once again told reporters that hw would not seek or sign a contract extension with the Magic. That's the Lakers' cue to make a trade offer, or risk the increasingly likely reversion to mediocrity. Yes, I understand that they won two championships in the last three years, but this year, especially in the playoffs, Kobe Bryant finally looked his age. He's played over 48,000 minutes in his NBA career, not including all the international games he's played. He had his lowest scoring average since he had to share the ball with the recently retired Shaq, Karl Malone, and Gary Payton, and this year he didn't have to share with superstars like them. It's time for the Lakers to make a move and bring an heir to the throne, and by trading for Dwight Howard, they can have the superstar center they desperately need, because, honestly, Andrew Bynum is too fragile to be relied on when much better players are available. LA is also believed to be the ideal landing place for Howard, so it is a deal that works out for him and the team.

     On Orlando's side, they pretty much have no choice, for because he will not resign, he will become a free agent and they won't get anything in return. Because of this, they will trade him, and will receive some pretty good players in return, possibly Andrew Bynum, for if the Lakers get Howard, why would they need Bynum?

      It's time for a change in LA, and Howard is the best option for all sides. The Lakers get their new Superman, Howard gets his big market, and the Magic can at least get something in return, which could be the aforementioned Bynum.


  1. He's good but not good enough to carry an entire team on his back. Look at what he did in Memphis! He cannot carry a mediocre team. Howard can, he got the Magic to the finals.

  2. pau has kobe, odom, and derek fisher. im sure it was a down playoffs. I mean the spurs had bad playoffs. hell, 5 years ago, the mavs, a great team lost to the 8 seed golden state