Friday, December 30, 2011

The Ensuing Madness

      NFL week 17 is finally here! By now, many an expert has been proved wrong, and many doubters of a certain quarterback, and I'll leave it up to you to figure out who it is, have been converted in to believers. Unlike years in the past, the AFC playoffs are all but set, as the second AFC Wild Card spot is still up for grabs, and the AFC North has yet to be won, though playoff mainstays like New England, Baltimore, and Pittsburgh are guarenteed spots. However, one name, Indianapolis, is not on that list, as they have become one of, if not the worst football team in the NFL. The Colts stumbled off to a 0-13 start, but recently have pulled themselves out of the ashes and put together a few wins to keep themselves on the roster. The incumbent quarterback, Dan Orlovsky, knows he's playing for his job, for if the Colts lose to the Jacksonville Jaguars, they will receive the first overall draft pick and use it on franchise quarterback Andrew Luck.   

  The Draft scenarios creates an interesting situation, because if the Colts win, then the pick could go to St. Louis, who picked a quarterback, Sam Bradford, last year with the first overall pick in the draft. The Rams could trade the pick to any number of teams, and would get a Herschel Walkeresque treasure trove of draft picks in return.
     Another interesting situation is with the large amount of coaches being fired or sitting on the hot seat. Miami and Kansas City have already fired their head coaches, St. Louis, Indianapolis, San Diego, and a few others should fire their coaches the day the season ends.
May the Madness Commence!

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