Thursday, June 30, 2011

NFL News

     Because of the (hopefully) soon ending NFL lockout, I have decided to lump all of the news from the league I found worth mentioning in individual paragraphs inside of a post.

      First, let me mention the aging entertainer we call Chad Ochocinco. His last name, which was supposed to reference his uniform number eighty-five,  is literally translated as eight-five, for if he were to use actual Spanish, his name would be Chad Ochenta y Cinco. The six time Pro Bowl selection's headline-grabbing stunts range from growing a gold mohawk to trying his hand with professional soccer and bull riding.  Being from Cincinnati, I have experienced all of this first hand, and most of the country either knows about his app or his prolific tweeting, for which he was voted number one on the "Most Influential Athlete In Social Media" list. Bengals owner Paul Brown recently suggested he try snake wrangling, though Chad decided he wants to wrestle an alligator. His stunts rarely impact his performance on the field as he has led the AFC in receiving yards four times.

     Now for a few sentences on another boisterous receiver who can back up his trash talk and "Popcorning" (shown at left) on the field. Terrell Owens, or T.O., is one of the best  receivers in the history of the NFL, but his illustrious career could very well be over after he recently underwent ACL surgery. He shot down rumors of retirement, but after this kind of procedure he might have lost another step. He is thirty-seven years old so he has to be retiring soon, but don't count him out his year.

    I hope this lockout ends soon, not just for the millions of men and women who participate the highly addicting pastime of fantasy football, but for the NFL players themselves. Two players have dominated headlines recently for the crimes they have committed, and they are the talented but troubled receiver Kenny Britt, who surrendered to police on two warrants, and Perrish Cox of the Denver Broncos. Cox is currently on trial for  sexual assault.

      Lets hope this lockout ends soon.


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