Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Winning the World Series on a Wednesday

     Today is the day!!! Today is the day that the Texas Rangers will battle the St. Louis Cardinals. I, personally, hate the Cardinals, and as a Reds fan, it is my duty to do so. I love the Rangers, because we traded Josh Hamilton to them for Edinson Volquez, which originally worked out for both sides. We love Hamilton in Cincinnati. I think the Rangers are going to win today simply because they are the better team. They have the aformentioned Hamiltion, the red-hot Mike Napoli and 3rd baseman Adrian Beltre, along with an excellent bullpen. The Cardinals are still trying to get over Tony LaRussa's supposed 'telephone issues,' and really shouldn't be in the postseason in the first place. Even the Rangers' name is better! Come on! Would you rather be a gun-totin' badass or a red bird???


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My List of Demands

     Hello! Thanks for reading this post!
     Baseball is awesome! I love it, you love it, America loves it! Now, I think baseball has to give back to us fans! There is a lot wrong with the the MLB, and I think that we, as fans, have the right to petition for change. Leave your demands for change in the MLB as a comment. I'll start. I want.....
  1. The DH to be universally instituted...(See my other post about it)
  2. For lift Pete Rose's ban from baseball. (How can you ban the epitome of what baseball is all about from baseball?)
  3. A hard salary cap!!!! The Yankees and other large market teams have dominated for too long! It is time for parity in Major League Baseball. Let small-market teams like Cincinnati have a chance.
  4. Instant Replay- Here's why
 Leave your demands in the comment box!!!!

Change for the Better

     Change, change, change. You've heard the word be worn out by millions of people. Whether it be politicians or a teacher, 'change' is used so often that its true meaning often falls on deaf ears. It is however, a phrase never uttered from the mouth of Bengals owner Mike Brown's mouth. He refused to trade disgruntled former All-Star quarterback Carson Palmer, because he decided that a trade would essentially be a reward for holding out. Yesterday, his stance changed. In a rare move the day of the perennially boring NFL trade deadline, Carson Palmer, former number 1 overall pick and franchise quarterback was traded to the Oakland Raiders after their starter went down for the year with a collarbone injury. All of this is in the wake of the legendary Al Davis' death. However, the Raiders have put themselves in a hole because this year, they only have two guaranteed draft picks, a sixth and seventh rounder, while the Bengals get a first rounder this year, and a first/second rounder depending on how the Raiders do. Palmer is a great quarterback and I supported his and the Brown family's decisions during his holdout. He was a great quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals, my hometown team, and the least the team could do was reward him for what he has done. Expect Palmer to have somewhat of a revival this year and next, (think Jim Plunkett).

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Monday, October 3, 2011

Suck for Luck

     Any NFL or college football fans know about Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck. Last year, he was touted as the 'slam dunk' No. 1 overal pick, and a guarenteed Hall of Famer. Luck however, did what he thought was the right thing....he went back to college. This year, Luck is even better, and almost all the teams in the NFL have agreed that he is the best prospect in a long time. However, don't be surprised if he goes back to Stanford...AGAIN. He has one year of eligibility left, so it is possible he'll stay a member of the Cardinal. Many teams are in the running to win the "Suck for Luck Sweepstakes," but not all of them need a quarterback. Then again, any team would benefit through having his services, (Think of the Patriots drafting Ryan Mallet.) His talent has caused a small stir among teams because some of the teams GMs and owners are worried that teams may forgoe the season to have a chance to draft him, which, in all honesty, sounds like a brilliant idea.
      I think that the Broncos, Dolphins, Chiefs, Seahawks, 49'ers and even the....Indianapolis Colts. I think the Broncos and Chiefs will jump at the chance to take Luck because, A. they are both terrible teams, and B. their quarterback position is unsettled, (Yes, I know the Chiefs have Matt Cassel, but he is never going to have a season like last year.)  The Dolphins, for lack of a better word, suck. Henne is finally putting together a somewhat respectable year, but Miami is in a division with some awesome QBs. Tarvaris Jackson is only a stopgap in Seattle, so don't be surprised if they "Suck for Luck." The 49'ers are in there just because John Harbaugh was Luck's coach at Stanford. Now for the Colts....Peyton Manning is old. That much is a guarentee, and now with his being out for the season, the Colts need to prepare for the worst. They really are not that good without Manning. If Manning manages to come back next season, and the Colts choose Luck, that is great for Luck and the organization as a whole, because Luck can learn from Peyton and this will make the transition seamless.