Monday, August 1, 2011

End of An Era

     After over a decade of playing in the National Football League, legendary wideout Randy Moss has retired. The thirty four year old wideout has retired after thirteen seasons in the league, for the options he was given were not necessarily, he believed, in his best interest as a player. After being drafted by the Minnesota Vikings in 1998, he began a prolific career that ranks only behind Jerry Rice in touchdowns, yards, and 100 yard games. However after playing with the Oakland Raiders for two seasons, Moss joined the New England Patriots and his record setting 23 touchdowns were instrumental to the Pats huge success in 2007. His productivity stayed constant, but this season was a catastrophe, for he was traded from the Patriots to the Vikings for a pick, he was then cut and signed with the Tennesse Titans. He finished with under 40 catches and less than 500 receiving yards. After supposedly vigorous workouts and two-a-days during the lockout, Moss decided to retire, though it is believed he will not stay that way for very long. If he does return, expect the high bidders to be teams in dire need of receiving help, like the Bengals, or Bears. Moss was truly a brilliant player, and it is only a matter of time before he has his place in Canton.

Picture taken by : Damian Strohmeyer, Bob Rosato/SI
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  1. Hopefully if he does come back it won't be for a rival team. Who was it that just did that?

    Also, I'm not totally into professional sports, but I like your subtitle about not knowing what the three rules to writing a successful blog are. That's funny.

  2. It was quarterback Brett Farve, who holds every record for a quarterback ever, including interventions. He eventually played for the Vikings after retiring twice.

  3. Love the Blogs!!! Keep with it you could really have a future in journalism! I love NFL, not so big on the others, except PRCA, and PBR as into sports as you are, you should give both a shot and blog about them, there aren't too many rodeo writters! keep up the good work!