Monday, May 16, 2011

Stephen Hawking Claims Heaven Doesn't Exist

First off, I am not attacking any atheists here, I am just stating my opinion as a Catholic.

Stephen Hawking once again claimed today that Heaven does not exist, saying it is a "fairy story for people afraid of the dark," while likening our brains to computers when they crash, he says his beliefs are partly based on the fact that he has had motor neurone disease for many years. Now, I can only imagine that he has somehow assumed that because he has suffered for most of his life, there cannot be a God because he doesn't deserve to suffer. On the contrary, I believe the reason God has kept him alive and gifted him with such a great mind is to give him both a chance to repent and to serve him with his whole existence. However, if he believes that death is the end, then why does he strive to do things for science and do good for others when it essentially has no signifcance in the end? And if there just happenned to be our universe, which, at its creation was the size of this period .  and it just decided to explode? How does this happen?  God decided to do this.

The following is Pascal's wager: If you die not believing in God and there is no God, you lose nothing.
                                                 If you die believing in God and there is no God, you lose nothing.
                                                If you die believing in God and there is a God, you gain everything.
                                                 If you die not believing in God and there is a God, you lose everything.

Pretty harsh consequences, no?
That right there along with Jesus' life, death, and resurrection, the Bible, and all the unexplained miracles in life, are all the reasons we believe in God.

Remember, Faith is believing even when you do not see

Link to article on Professor proving God's existence and watch the video

God Bless,
Billy W.


  1. God is awesome. And real.
    But i dont know if a galaxy explodes because he makes it explode.
    He could.
    But im pretty sure it's the weight and mass of the galaxy itself that would make it explode

  2. I'm really glad you posted on Stephen Hawking...I was and still might make a post about what he says on my blog to. No doubt this guy is smart, but does that make everything that comes out of his mouth true??? Alot of people seem to think so, me NOT being one of those people. Good post by the way!

  3. Nice post. :) And yes it is interesting to note that a lot of the major scientists of the last few centuries have been Christians...

  4. Well, who made those laws a reality? God did. He just as easily could have made the rules differently. Science explains HOW something happened and Religion explains WHY.