Saturday, September 10, 2011

St. Xavier Bombers!!!!!

     Rest in peace. Last night, the twelve year undefeated home streak of the Colerain Cardinals was snapped by the St. Xavier Bombers. I had the privelege to attend the game with my fellow Class of 2015 friends, and watch a brilliant game. Coach Bolden of Colerain called it an 'absolute instant classic,' but St. Xavier simply called it a victory, making them 3-0 for the year.

     The Bombers took an early lead with a touchdown run by senior running back Conor Hundley, but Colerian retaliated with a TD themselves, making the score 7-7. After a string of interceptions by St.X, Colerain scored to make it 14-7. St. X proceded to make a long fieldgoal during the 3rd quarter, and then score again with a run by Conor Hundley, who proceded to bulldoze his way into the endzone even after his helmet came off, making the score 14-17 in favor of the St. Xavier Bombers.

     In the 4th quarter, Colerain missed a short fieldgoal with just seconds to go, and the streak was over. The Bombers went crazy, and when Colerain's crowd yelled gay slurs at the all male school and also chanted, "WE'VE GOT GIRLS," the St. X student section came back with, "WE'VE GOT JESUS!!!!!" Watch the video to hear how awesome it is to be in the St. X student section.

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