Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Small Feet, Bigger Feats

     He's 5'8, and weighs 165 pounds, and the only thing he cares more about than baseball is his own family. He's not your average ball player, and he never has been. He's had nicknames ranging from Lazer Show to Muddy Chicken. He's Boston Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia, who was first known to scouts as a small player with a big swing and an even bigger mouth, though they said, "It's unfortunate he doesn't have any tools." He was supposedly a sufferer of David Eckstein-itis, and was thought to be an overachiever thriving on lower expectations, but he has since shed that title in favor for another, Future Hall of Famer.

     When he was drafted, many of his teammates were not just surprised, they were nearly appalled by his both his lack of height and muscularity, and they thought he was somewhat of a wasted pick. Now, years later, he is an All-Star, and he won Rookie of the Year and later the MVP in his first two seasons.

     There haven't been many people of his size and stature playing professional baseball over the years, but when they have, they have definitely made their mark. To name a couple: legendary catcher Yogi Berra, the Reds' Joe Morgan, and annual Cy Young Candidate Tim Lincecum. Coming from a blogger who he himself stands a diminuitive 5'1.5 and projects to be 5'8, he is truly an awesome player, his leadership in the lockerroom and talent on the field is unmatched.

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