Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Team

     Hi guys..... now, you've occasionally heard my rants or raves about NFL players and where they stand in the world of fantasy football. You've heard me warn of collapses (Sidney Rice, Donovan McNabb) and of huge breakouts, (Dalton, Kevin Kolb, Larry Fitzgerald). So you've probably wondered what players are on my here is my team and my explanation for each.

QB: Matt Schaub, Texans: I chose him because he was sitting there in round 5, which I thought was great value for a player of his caliber. (My projections have him throwing for over 4,000 yards and 25 TDs.)

RB: Ray Rice, Ravens: I'm in a PPR league, so running backs who play a role in the passing game are always a critical piece of a team. I think he will have a season with over 1,500 yds rushing and 300 yds receiving.

Tim Hightower, Redskins:  I'm thinking he'll have a breakout year, though I am cautious to say he will always get the bulk of the carries with Roy Helu on the team.

Chris Wells, Cardinals: No competition, it's his last chance to live up to his draft spot and potential.

Also on roster: Darren Sproles, Ben Tate.

WR: Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals: Huge player, I think he has a chance to be the best at his position with Kolb at the helm.

Miles Austin, Cowboys: Consistent producer, on pace for an awesome season.

Also on roster: Chad Ochocinco, Anquan Boldin, Jerome Simpson

TE: Ron Gronkowski, Patriots: Brady's favorite redzone target, and he gets the catches and yards of a wide receiver.

I don't think it is necessary to list a reason why I picked my kickers and defense, because I think their potential depends on the team they are playing. My kicker is Neil Rackers, and I have the Redskins D.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Red Rifle

This was an essay I wrote for school earlier this year. Sorry about my absences and lack of posts, high school has brought new friends, but also tremendous amounts of  homework. Thanks for those who will actually read this post. Please post a comment if you agree or disagree with me. Thanks again!
Andy Dalton Sport     The NFL has become a passing league over the years, and as a result, the value a franchise quarterback has to a team has skyrocketed. Today, a quarterback must be durable, accurate, a powerful arm, an offense to fit his talents, and a good character and leadership skills. Andy Dalton, the Bengals’ second round pick in the 2011 NFL draft, has a chance to be that kind of quarterback.
       This year, Dalton has essentially found himself inside a ‘perfect storm.’ He has talented receivers to throw to, particularly first round pick A.J. Green, and three year veteran Jerome Simpson, along with tight end Jermaine Gresham, which will make his transition from a college phenom to an NFL rookie much easier than draft bust Jimmy Clausen’s was. He also has an offensive coordinator, Jim Gruden, who has designed an offense to fit his skill set. Gruden ran a West Coast offense in the United Football League, his systems stressing a versatile running back and a very accurate quarterback. Cedric Benson fits the mold in the backfield, and Dalton, whose career completion percentage at Texas Christian University was over 64%, can make all the throws necessary. As a result of his ability to make decisions in a pro-style offense and his aforementioned accuracy, some scouts labeled him the most developed quarterback in the draft. 
     He also has all the intangibles necessary to become a role model, something other quarterbacks like Peyton Manning or Drew Brees, both devout Christians, have become. Dalton started a prayer group in college, and his coaches have stated that he is a brilliant leader in the huddle. He was also a winner, something no coach can teach, for he ranks among the top three in total wins as a starter in NCAA history.  For these reasons, sports columnist Peter King called him “the Drew Brees of the 2011 NFL Draft.” If this statement is true, Dalton will be throwing for 4,000 yards annually. Dalton also gets to be the starting quarterback for a perennial loser, the Bengals, so there is not as much pressure as there was for Mark Sanchez of the New York Jets when he was drafted.
     Because of the traits he has, it is believed that Andy Dalton will be a successful NFL quarterback and eventually he and A.J Green will lead the Bengals to the playoffs once again.  

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

St. Xavier Bombers!!!!!

     Rest in peace. Last night, the twelve year undefeated home streak of the Colerain Cardinals was snapped by the St. Xavier Bombers. I had the privelege to attend the game with my fellow Class of 2015 friends, and watch a brilliant game. Coach Bolden of Colerain called it an 'absolute instant classic,' but St. Xavier simply called it a victory, making them 3-0 for the year.

     The Bombers took an early lead with a touchdown run by senior running back Conor Hundley, but Colerian retaliated with a TD themselves, making the score 7-7. After a string of interceptions by St.X, Colerain scored to make it 14-7. St. X proceded to make a long fieldgoal during the 3rd quarter, and then score again with a run by Conor Hundley, who proceded to bulldoze his way into the endzone even after his helmet came off, making the score 14-17 in favor of the St. Xavier Bombers.

     In the 4th quarter, Colerain missed a short fieldgoal with just seconds to go, and the streak was over. The Bombers went crazy, and when Colerain's crowd yelled gay slurs at the all male school and also chanted, "WE'VE GOT GIRLS," the St. X student section came back with, "WE'VE GOT JESUS!!!!!" Watch the video to hear how awesome it is to be in the St. X student section.