Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My List of Demands

     Hello! Thanks for reading this post!
     Baseball is awesome! I love it, you love it, America loves it! Now, I think baseball has to give back to us fans! There is a lot wrong with the the MLB, and I think that we, as fans, have the right to petition for change. Leave your demands for change in the MLB as a comment. I'll start. I want.....
  1. The DH to be universally instituted...(See my other post about it)
  2. For lift Pete Rose's ban from baseball. (How can you ban the epitome of what baseball is all about from baseball?)
  3. A hard salary cap!!!! The Yankees and other large market teams have dominated for too long! It is time for parity in Major League Baseball. Let small-market teams like Cincinnati have a chance.
  4. Instant Replay- Here's why
 Leave your demands in the comment box!!!!


  1. I am an AL fan (of the Red Sox) but NL baseball is pretty awesome in it's own way. Too many detractors of the DH for it to go to both leagues though.

  2. Yes on the last three. And do something about the NL Central having 6 teams and the AL West having 4.

    On to the DH. I guess that, being a fan of an NL team, I'm biased against the DH, but I'll explain why I love not having it.

    1. I like rewarding well-rounded players. If you can pitch and hit, you should be able to use both skills. If you're a good hitter but are bad at defense, then not having a DH forces you to work on defense if you want playing time.

    2. Pitchers can help their own cause. Those are some of the best moments, when an overmatched pitcher manages an RBI to boost his run support. With a DH, the pitcher can't do anything about his team's offense.

    3. I'm a fan of strategy. With the DH, all you have to do is swap pitchers. AL fans are being deprived of awesome things like pinch hitters and double switches. Plus those things allow more players to be a part of the game.

    I would love to see MLB transition to no DH in the next few years.

  3. I expected the backlash about the DH, but it has to be instituted eventually. Pitchers are paid to PITCH not to hit. The chance of injury is too great for a pitcher to run the bases or take an atbat. Look at Chien Ming Wang, Yankees ace, then Washington bum, all because he had to run the bases. Plus, fans don't go to games to see a pitching duel. They want to see runs. In my essay that I linked to, I explicitly stated that teams with sluggers or a higher average amount of runs per game scored have a higher attendance than a teams with aces. Look at the 2001 Diamondbacks, who had Randy Johnson AND Curt Schilling, they are Hall of Famers, and the team won the World Series, but they didn't finish in the TOP 10 in attendance.

  4. 1. Instant Replay

    2. DH....please!!!! Too many good bats left on the bench....

    3. PETE ROSE!!!!!!!