Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bryce Harper

     Some of you may have seen the Washington Nationals phenom, Bryce Harper on ESPN yesterday, and were either amused or angered by the prospect's blowing a kiss to the pitcher after hitting a homerun. It's great to hit homerun, let alone watch one be hit, but if he plans to be a power hitter the rest of his career, and he definitely has the potential to be one, I think he should really tone down the celebration and treat it like any other homerun he's hit in the past. It's also in the minor leagues, so it's not like he was originally planning for this to be a stunt in front of 30,000 people.  I honestly believe that this was a classless move by Harper, and if he's surprised about hitting one at Low Class A, the lowest minor league team possible, I want to see him and his record setting $9,900,000 contract try to hit one against major league pitching, and then watch his reaction. I wonder how his older teammates later on will react if this behavior continues.

     The opposite of Harper, is Freddie Freeman, who plays for the Atlanta Braves. When he hit his first
Major League homerun, which was against the best pitcher in the league, Roy Halladay, he just ran around the bases as if he had done it before.

     I am interested to see how his career turnsout and if this childish behavior continues.

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