Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mr. Goedde, the Best Teacher I'll Ever Have

     Mr. Goedde is my eighth grade english, reading, and religion teacher at St. Andrew School.  He is the greatest teacher I will ever meet, and today he received an award for being the top eighth grade teacher in southwest Ohio, his impromptu speech afterwards brought many to tears.  I know I speak for all of my grade when we thank him for all he has done for us this year.
      One of Mr. Goedde's best traits is his personality, he captivates all of his students, and earns their respect, for when he speaks the room goes silent.  He takes learning beyond the classroom, talking about politics, music, and our Catholic faith.  Another is that he doesn't care about grades, he cares more about the individual than the test score that too many teachers use to define a student.  He is like a second father, and the golf outing my friends and I went on with him is my favorite memory in the eighth grade.  However, he does have a flaw, and that is that he sets his own standards very high and always expects more from himself, and never giving himself credit when he clearly deserves it.  I can only hope that he has enjoyed teaching me as much as I have enjoyed being in his class.


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