Thursday, November 17, 2011

Close Up Shop

     The sports world has been rocked with headlines in the past few weeks. From the atrocities at Penn St. to the NBAPA rejecting TWO offers that would give them a season, and even a Missouri coach being charged with DWI, we haven't been left hanging. However, this post is about the big question in MLB circles this offseason-"How much is too much?" The Philidelphia Phillies' signing of closer Jonathan Papelbon was without a doubt a good move, but why are they paying him $10,000,000? This is why baseball needs a hard salary cap!!! Honestly, if your going to pay that much for a closer, at least make sure he is moderately interesting, like the Giants' Brian Wilson (At Left). Wilson is a 24th round draft pick, and many of the league's big names were converted catchers or failed starters, proving you don't actually have to draft or trade for one because it will most likely fall right into your lap. In all honesty, it doesn't take much to pitch a single inning as many closers have admitted to only knowing a fastball, and a curveball, and occasionally a cutter. Because of this, closers should not be making the money that starters, who pitch SEVEN times more than closers, do. I like having security at the end of the game, and a top level talent provides that, and I also understand why some teams have gone to the extremes to get great closers. I really do. I do not understand why they pay so much for a single inning. What do you think?

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