Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tim Tebow's Terrible Trial

     Anyone in the world with an interest in sports and an internet connection has heard of Tim Tebow. Though he came out of Florida as one of the most popular college football players ever, a national champion, and even a Heisman Trophy winner, Tebow was expected to fall past the first round and possibly be coverted to play tight end. However, Tebow was picked by the Denver Broncos late in the first round by a regime that has since been eliminated. His number fifteen jersey flew of the shelves, soaring to the top to become the most popular in the league. All of this happened before he played a down of professional football.

     He rode the bench over half the season, watching incumbent quarterback Kyle Orton light up opposing defenses, until Orton was hurt. Tebow started the last three games of the season, and his amazing athleticism was shown when he misinterpreted an audible and ran a QB sneak for a monster gain and a touchdown, but the play was designed as a simple handoff. This year however, he might not get the chance. Tebow has not looked good during training camp, though he is still wildly popular with the fans, and the controversy regariding the aforementioned Orton being traded to Miami has made this an interesting situation.

     Tebow is a great player and an even greater person, and I wish him the best in the future, but in all honesty, if I were in the Bronco's front office, I would not hesitate to bench him. Orton is too good a player to not play, and his play made a star out of receiver Brandon Lloyd, who has already said he would be "pissed" if Orton was removed from the lineup in any way. However, a player like Tim Tebow brings fans to the stands, something Orton has already said he doesn't care for very much.

     I think the Broncos should wait until Orton's contract expires then start Tebow, who, by then, will have had plenty of time to know the offense and develop as a pro quarterback, or they could deal Tebow right now instead of Orton to Miami and end the fan uprisings in both cities.

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