Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Change for the Better

     Change, change, change. You've heard the word be worn out by millions of people. Whether it be politicians or a teacher, 'change' is used so often that its true meaning often falls on deaf ears. It is however, a phrase never uttered from the mouth of Bengals owner Mike Brown's mouth. He refused to trade disgruntled former All-Star quarterback Carson Palmer, because he decided that a trade would essentially be a reward for holding out. Yesterday, his stance changed. In a rare move the day of the perennially boring NFL trade deadline, Carson Palmer, former number 1 overall pick and franchise quarterback was traded to the Oakland Raiders after their starter went down for the year with a collarbone injury. All of this is in the wake of the legendary Al Davis' death. However, the Raiders have put themselves in a hole because this year, they only have two guaranteed draft picks, a sixth and seventh rounder, while the Bengals get a first rounder this year, and a first/second rounder depending on how the Raiders do. Palmer is a great quarterback and I supported his and the Brown family's decisions during his holdout. He was a great quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals, my hometown team, and the least the team could do was reward him for what he has done. Expect Palmer to have somewhat of a revival this year and next, (think Jim Plunkett).

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