Saturday, November 5, 2011

Trades I Think Should Go Through

     Hi everyone! After the St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series, I was angry, but at the same time, I honestly believed they deserved it. They came back with a single strike left in Game 6 to win that game and proceeded to win Game 7. Congratulations. Exactly 24 hours after that game, free agency began. Big names hit the market and CC Sabathia resigned for even more money. This time of year is also a great time for trades. Without further ado, here are some moves I think would benefit the Cincinnati Reds and, for trades, the other teams involved.

Reds Trade: Yasmani Grandal  (Catcher) or Yonder Alonso (1st/LF),  and Edison Volquez (Pitcher)

Reds Get: James Shields, Pitcher, Tampa Bay Rays.

     This is a good trade for both sides because the one thing that always plagues the Rays is the team's lack of runs. They already have one man to many in the starting rotation, and for the right price, the Reds could get Shields. The Rays need a catcher, Grandal, or a first baseman, Alonso, either one would work. Volquez is just a bullpen guy now and is in need of new scenery.

Reds Sign: Josh Willingham (OF) or Roy Oswalt (Pitcher).

     Willingham hit 29 homers last year while playing in a pitcher's park.  At Great American Ballpark, he could hit 40. Signing Willingham would also give Joey Votto some protection in the lineup. Signing Oswalt is definitely a long-shot, but the move would give the Reds a legitimate starter, and if they got James Shields, the rotation of 1. Shields, 2. Oswalt, 3. Cueto, 4. Arroyo, 5. Leake/Wood/Bailey, which would free up the team to deal one of the names listed in the 5 spot.

     These moves would definitely make the Reds legitimate contenders and possibly hand them the reigns to the NL Central. If everything goes right, and the Reds make one of the moves mentioned aboved, they will finish above .500. With the trades/signings they will finish 90-72, without, 84-78.

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