Friday, November 25, 2011

About the Author

     Hi! As you have (correctly) noticed, I am posting less and less frequently. I feel that you and I do not get the chance to get to know each other. Because of this, I have decided to dedicate an entire post to myself. I'll try to do this in an interesting way-like a stats sheet or a scouting report-I am a sports blogger after all!

Name-William Dominic W.

School- St. Xavier High

Physical Attributes-5'3, 100 lbs.

Character- No major character flaws, entirely devoted to his interests.
Postition-Head Writer/Student
Pros-Plus sports smarts, Good overall awareness of his place on the field/ in the world, analytical.

Cons-Small, often too devoted/stubborn to recognize defeat.

Various-Loves sports, plays Baseball (Pitcher), Soccer (Winger), American Football (Quarterback/Running back). Open to growth, willing and able to sacrafice when necessary. Loves playing guitar, and overall a movie buff.

I hope this helps you get to know me!


  1. Hmmmmm....

    The mysterious disappearing comments return...

  2. As author, I retain the right to moderate comments. I'll continue delete your comments until you post something useful.I encourage you to post with a profile name listed, rather than hide in fear behind the anonymous tag. If you decide to criticize me, I'm sure you yourself have very thick skin and are open to criticism, if not, you're a coward and a sorry excuse for a blogger.

  3. Heyy Guillermo, I'm not hiding in fear, I'm just too lazy to make an account, and its waaayy faster to just post like this. So i'm sorry if you think I'm criticizing you, I'm just having some fun. (;

    Peace out Torro!


  4. I never commented on this. I was happy to see this here but you know I liked you already.

    You are still taller than me :) I am 5' and i like running and climbing trees. I also like art a lot. I want to be a Forest Ranger.

  5. Hi Billy,
    I'm recommending your blog to a mate of mine who is a mad keen sports fan. His ambition is to start a Sports Library. He is mad about Rugby League and follows the Manly team, known as the Sea Eagles. He goes to every Manly game including the ones played in New Zealand. Manly is a beach side suburb of Sydney. We've just had the State of Origin series (3 games, best 2 out of 3 wins the series). That's New South Wales v Queensland. Players must be born in the respective state to play in Origin matches. NSW just lost the series again for the seventh time in a row. We are known as the 'Cockroaches' (don't ask me why) and Queensland are the 'Cane Toads'. Have you ever watched a game of RL?
    I'm a Rugby Union fan myself. My local suburban newspaper just featured a front page story about a local girls' gridiron team?
    We get the Super Bowl final live on TV here. Can't say I understand the game.

    Best from Australia, and Alex, go for your dream to be a Forest Ranger.