Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pippen says LeBron might be better than Michael Jordan

     Scottie Pippen recently said in an interview that LeBron James could be, "The greatest player to ever play the game." He might be on to something. MJ may be a great scorer, but he never fully trusted his teammates as LeBron has ever since he joined the league. LeBron may have a career scoring average of 27.7 ppg, but he has done his time on the boards, and dishes the ball with point guard like efficiency, something Jordan could never do, highlighted by James' averaging more assists per game in his second season than Jordan ever did. LeBron is also a force on the defensive end, but so was Jordan, who averaged two steals per game over his fifteen year career. When computing the two players' total  contribution, a sum of a player's career averages of assists (worth two points, because they too are baskets, but by another player) and points, LeBron is the better and more complete offensive player. Jordan is without a doubt the best raw scorer in NBA, but LeBron James is the more complete player. However, LeBron will never be universally considered as the greatest player ever until he wins at least four championships.  However, Pippen is onto something and I agree that in time, championships pending, LeBron James will recognized as the greatest player in NBA history.


  1. Jordan was a living legend when he was with the bulls. He was more then just the face of the game for the casual or non fan he WAS all that mattered. I live in a non basketball city and I remember every kid was wearing or wanted to wear a pair of air Jordans.
    I know Lebron is good, but he isn't the phenomenon that Jordan was to me growing up

  2. Well yeah part of that was how he won so many championships that he grabbed so many peoples' attentions. If LeBron wins six championships he will be recognized as the best. LeBron lost some credibility with The Decision, and Jordan played pretty much all of his career with the Bulls, so that probably played a factor as well. But my argument is a strictly on- court perspective. As I said before, LeBron will have to start winning rings to get that fame.

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