Monday, May 16, 2011

Draft Hypocrisy

So, I know some of you watched the NFL draft not too long ago, and watched as the Cincinnati Bengals selected the talented  A.J Green, the best WR in the draft with the 4th pick , and immediately afterwards, Sports Illustrated criticized the pick, claiming that wide receivers had a high rate of failure. But, (here's the kicker) in the April 25th edition of SI, they said the Bengals themselves should select a wide receiver, Julio Jones. Now, I understand that they are different players, but two picks later they applauded the Falcons for selecting a lesser wideout. I am not trying to call foul on SI as I am a subscriber to their magazine, but this kind of hypocrisy is what makes me mad. Yes, I understand that the Bengals are not a good organization, but insulting them for choosing a premeir talent and filling a major offensive need, and then praising the Falcons for choosing a less talented player when they already had WR filled with Roddy White is not right. It's about time we start respecting teams whether we like them or not.

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