Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Stoopidity: The Redskins

     As evidenced by the title, this is yet another addition to the unending Stoopidity series. This time, however, it is perpetrator is NOT a member of the Miami Dolphins organization. Can you believe it? I sure can't! The organization committing the unforgivable crime this time is from the the......Washington Redskins. The Redskins made waves by trading up in the NFL Draft with the St. Louis Rams in order to draft Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III with the second overall pick. That's all well and good, and I still think that RG3 may end up having the better career than the first overall pick and fellow quarterback Andrew Luck of the Indianapolis Colts. Griffin, as of now, has the better supporting cast of the two, and Mike Shanahan has a history of developing legendary quarterbacks like Steve Young and Joe Montana. Again, that's not the problem.

     They did the unspeakable, the horrible, the most mindless and brainless thing any team can do besides trading for Tim Tebow. In short, they drafted a second quarterback...early. The unfortunate victims of this crime against the Church of Common Sense are the two quarterbacks drafted, the aforementioned Robert Griffin III, and the other guy, Michigan State's Kirk Cousins. Cousins was rated by many experts a second round pick, some even going as far as saying a team could pick him late in the first. He fell to the fourth round, as many of the teams needing a quarterback or at least wanting one, like the Dolphins, Browns, and Broncos (Peyton Manning is the ultimate tutor for his own successor) addressed the issue early. This is where the headscratching begins. Why would the Redskins even think of drafting another quarterback when they already locked up the position for the next five to ten years? To make matters worse, why would Mike Shanahan even think about drafting another signal caller, even if he was supposedly "too good to pass up," as Shanahan supposedly said. If Cousins was really that good, the Redskins could have traded the pick to an interested party and focus on getting some help for that God-forsaken defense! In the end, this only damages the careers of both players involved, for Griffin has to deal with the threat of a very talented backup, and if he so much as blows a few games we know the impatient home crowd will cry for Cousins, and Cousins, will waste away as a backup and occasional starter when he could be setting the league on fire. If this is some sick and twisted way to light a fire under the already driven and determined Griffin, it clearly has backfired.

     This move does absolutely nothing for the Washington Redskins. Nothing. The only thing they accomplished with their picking of Kirk Cousins was show that they lack the faith, and frankly the guts, to get behind the man charged with saving the franchise. There's clearly a problem with whoever is running the show in Washington. I mean, they threw $100,000,000 at Albert Haynseworth, so that in of itself tells you the front office brass isn't that smart to begin with. Now, we know they aren't even brave or faithful in their own decisions.

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