Thursday, March 15, 2012

Stoopidity: A Tale of the Miami Dolphins

     One of the best players in the history of the NFL becomes available, you have the cap space, you have the offensive weapons, you have the offensive line to protect him, you have the weather, hell, the player even has a HOUSE in your city, and most importantly, you need him. But, in your infinite stupidity, you trade your best player for next to nothing, essentially taking yourself out of the bidding war. 

   In case you're wondering who this player is and what team could commit such atrocities against the Church of Common Sense, it's quarterback Peyton Manning and the team is the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins had a great wideout in Brandon Marshall, as only Wes Welker has had more catches over the last 5 years. They had a need at quarterback, as draft bust Chad Henne signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars. They even have former first overall draft pick Jake Long anchoring one of the league's better offensive lines. Yet, with no clear alternative, they traded the aforementioned Marshall to the Chicago Bears for two third-round picks, far below the market value for a player of his caliber. The draft picks they received in the deal won't even get them one of this year's top-tier quarterback, so they have to go for a free agent.   They had no other proven and viable option at quarterback for the 2013 season except for Manning, yet Miami's GM decided to shoot himself in the foot when he may have well had a substantial advantage. We may as well start calling them the Miami Dumbphins. The draft picks they received in the deal won't even get them one of this year's top-tier quarterback, so they have to go for a free agent.

     The Dumbphins may go and overspend for a quarterback in free agency not named Manning. Take Matt Flynn for example. The former LSU starter has only started one game this season, but in it, he set Green Bay Packers records by throwing for over 480 yards and passing touchdowns, creating speculation as to whether or not the Packers would use the franchise tag on a backup quarterback. They did not, and it is believed that he will become very rich very quickly this offseason, taking advantage of an overly eager and excited owner. But all is not lost. If the Dumbphins get smart again, they could trade down from the eighth overall pick to stockpile picks for later on in the draft. They could grab a quarterback prospect like Oklahoma State's Brandon Weeden, or Texas A&M's Ryan Tannehill, and have some more picks in the early second round or late first to grab a wide receiver. That's the ideal situation. It is more likely for Miami to overspend on Matt Flynn then to trade down in the draft and do as suggested above. The Dolphins will either have to convince Peyton Manning to sign with them based on the promise of drafting a wide receiver, or simply go for someone else. As depicted wish.

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